Crystals, Rocks, Gemstone & Minerals

What is the difference? & How to tell them apart.


A mineral is the basic building block of earth. A mineral has natural physical features in


As an example: milky-quartz-282-4-g-crystals-rocks-and-geodes-2-1024x1024

Milky Quartz is found on earth & is most common of the minerals.


A Rock is likely to be made of one or more minerals. Often times a rock is known as a stone.

A rock is a solid made of a collection of mineral granules or grains that became a whole unit. Depending upon the rock it can be one of 3 main types. 1. Igneous 2. Sedimentary 3. Metamorphic.

As an example of each one:

Intrusive Igneous Rock, meaning inside the earth can be formed from hot molten magma that has cooled below the earth’s surface. 

Intrusive igneous Rocks
Intrusive igneous Rocks

Extrusive Igneous Rock is when the lava comes to the surface and cools.



Sedimentary Rock is formed at the earth’s surface. It would contain slabs of rocks fragments, minerals & organic material like seashells that lay on top of each other.

From the Latin  word sedimentary means settling down.


Metamorphic rock are formed when they are squeezed by pressure & heat under the earth’s crust. These types of rocks are very deep in the earth. Some metamorphic rocks are slate, marble & Quartzite.


Crystals are formed as the magma cools from a volcano, which would be in nature, Mother Earth’s way. Crystals can form at different rates, Most times you will find crystals in caves, where it is very cool.

The largest caves for crystal growth is Cuevada los Cristales (Cave of Crystals) & is located beneath the Sierra de Naica mountains in Northern Mexico.


Gemstones are usually see in jewelry stores. they look like a rock before they are tumbled & polished. In nature there are 5 basic shapes of a gemstone.

  1. Huge minerals without any type of shape.
  2. Botryodial which looks like a cluster of grapes.
  3. Minerals that are the shape of kidneys.
  4. Crystals that are flat are called Tubular.
  5. A crystal that is thin & needle like in shape.   


    Some gemstones would be diamonds, ruby, topaz & opal.



                                      Love, Light & Blessings


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